Our Mission & Purpose

We are an Orthodox Christian-based organization in New York State formed to provide confidential, non-discriminatory, and life-affirming material, emotional, and spiritual support at no cost to women and families needing help with a pregnancy.

Many women are fortunate to have loving and supportive relationships and networks. Others may find themselves in different circumstances which could result in a pregnancy with little or no support. Their situation may have them in a stressful state where healthy decisions are difficult to make.

So few women in an unplanned pregnancy are well versed on the various services and support groups available to them. The overwhelming concern is “What am I going to do now?” Many wrestle with abortion, some with adoption, and some with suicide. It is disturbing that most of the Orthodox Christian women who are find themselves in this situation do not turn to their Church for guidance, and there are so few support groups to turn to within the Orthodox community. These women need emotional support, confidential access to professional agencies, and access to potential adoptive Orthodox families to encourage them to carry their unborn babies to term. 

ZOE for Life!®Southern Tier serves as a conduit, guiding women to a wider range of support organizations, providing an attractive set of options and a promising outlook on their situation. There is counseling, housing referral assistance, referral for prenatal care, adoption and other services available of which some women in distress may not be unaware. It is the goal of ZOE for Life!® to offer more opportunities to women experiencing challenging pregnancy situations, and to empower them to make decisions everyone can live with. We pray that those we touch will make the best choices for their own future and for the future of the child God has entrusted to them.

ZOE for Life!® Southern Tier is a pan-Orthodox outreach of Orthodox Christians. It is funded privately, and has received 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. All gifts are tax-deductible as specified by law.

ZOE House®

ZOE House® is the outreach facility of ZOE for Life!® Southern Tier. Patterned after the original ZOE House® in greater Cleveland, Southern Tier volunteers meet with clients to listen to their stories with a non-judgemental ear, offering compassion, encouragement, and hope with empathy, integrity, and dignity. Staff members recommend individualized referrals to needed local services and, at times, remote virtual support. We supply mothers and fathers with baby clothing and layette items (to 2T).

History of Zoe for Life!

ZOE for Life!® Southern Tier is a non-profit, pan-Orthodox outreach of Orthodox Christians. It's a chapter of ZOE for Life!®, which was founded in 1977, by a group of Orthodox women in Ohio who began meeting to see how they could make a life-saving difference in today’s society. They sent out a survey to women in their area aged eighteen and over. Responses indicated three major areas of concern: the need for an Orthodox Christian adoption agency, help for women in crisis pregnancies, and assistance for battered women and children. Find more information about the history and successes of the ZOE for Life!® national group on their website, www.zoeforlifeonline.org. ZOE for Life!® has been endorsed by the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America.

The ZOE for Life!® Southern Tier chapter, based in Binghamton, NY, was established in 2021 in conjuction with the main chapter of ZOE for Life!® in Cleveland to reach out and help those in the Southern Tier area of New York state. With the same mission and purpose, it is the hope that the love, care, and guidance of ZOE for Life!® can be offered to those in need in this new location. 

ZOE for Life!® Southern Tier is incorporated as a non-profit in New York State, has 501(c)(3) status, and is funded privately. All gifts are tax-deductible as specified by law. 



ZOE for Life!® Southern Tier is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, registered with the New York State Charities Bureau, and is a chapter of the ZOE for Life!® National Office.