The Grace Given to All

Advent and Christmas make us mindful of the supreme love and trust the Virgin Mary has in Our Father. She was raised in the temple and through her education there she knew that soon the Messiah would be born, as the prophets had foretold. How devastatingly humbled she must have felt at His choosing her to bear His Son, the Lord and Savior of the world! It is incredible to even try to imagine. But in her humility and obedience, she agreed and said nothing to anyone. She waited on God’s Divine providence and provision.

Consider, are we as believers not sharers in her Divine mission? Are we not asked to bring Christ into a hurting world? Is not our assignment the same, but in a different way?

The Mother of God carried the Christ Child with her everywhere she went, holding Him close, nurturing Him. If we give ourselves the time to feel this too, in

our hearts and in our souls, we can begin to recognize that the miracle of His coming into the world to save, engages us too. Is this not an incredible thought, that we are found worthy to bring Him to others?

How can we accomplish this this holy calling?

The Grace and Love of God is shared in myriad ways - some share it through service to others, some through preaching, some through sharing the material blessings He has bestowed upon them. Some share His love through art, or music or writing. Which is your gift? Which of His Graces has He granted you?

Whatever your gift, share it with the utmost dignity and devotion, as it was bestowed upon you. Let His Grace and Love glow so brightly within you, that it will shine in the hearts of all you meet, so that they will yearn for this grace as well.

Zoe for Life! 2022